A woman wonders with tangled thoughts about the time it takes to find love. A man says nothing but remains vigilant on his own betterment, hoping one day she will notice. She wants love with the kind of trusting passion told in fairy tales. He understands this but waits in the shadows of social media …


Stillness of Snow

It is zero degrees and there is zero reason to do anything. I woke to the joy of fresh snow; a heavy blanket of cold crystal dust. For the first time in a long while, I have no place to be; there is no place to report my time, which is my time. Forced, placid …


Time Lapse of Green Beetle

leaves rain onto molded stump Earth musk settles in space war is on the make tiny militants march from beaten soil where the queen once lay rooted with unspoken truths sky wrought with dark reflections drops of black honey tracing every step stationed near old willow sent to guard nectar accumulates this night would bring storm devastating debris relentless home …


A Landscape Moment

The desert is a jagged band of lava and sage tangled in beauty a lover's embrace bound with tongue and fingers to an idea of something safe, sacred, simple


Like The Shrike

In the undertone there are the wasted notes of a man who lost his voice. The shrike laughs behind his thin mask and swoops the sage seeking a sharp contrast to the self inflictions. It is not completely understood other than to say that he, like a bandit, was also seeking. For shrike, the voice …

Like Mist at Dawn

It's been a long two weeks some six hours away. Procrastination pushed the schedule from the subtle spring past the fire months to the first freeze. She was there when I arrived, bright and cheery, looking youthful for the moment. Hers was a life of complex service like what an angel might do lifting the …

Will the Real Dr. Worskovey Please Stand Up?

Master of quantum travel, teacher of lesser forms, savior of Keplar, and Prince of the Twelfth Circle of the Council of Nna, known only as Marcus. As an Agent of Light, Marcus came to Keplar to study and learn the ways of the Org, a giant bipedal species native to the planet whose rituals called …

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