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Update: 07-09-2022

Good morning. I don’t know if this will reach anyone out there as much as I am trying to be diligent with my studies to understand proficiently the workings of pushing words. This marketing, as we think about it, can be a distraction. I have to say a word of gratitude. Charles DeBerry is the best editor, writer, actor, and collaborator that anyone could hope to connect with. It is so deeply striking to step back to see from outside of myself how childhood memories could go from drawing late night superheroes to writing and editing an amazing book of science fiction. He really helped to flesh things out and understands the character’s style, pacing, and depth.

The Jack Chronicles took about 10 years to be written. The story began as a short story titled Aftermath which I wrote back around 1982 in pencil on blank white printer paper. The first book: FALLEN is a retrospective from Aftermath and the beginnings of Jack’s afterlife. FALLEN is 26 chapters spread across 420 pages. The font size is enlarged and line spacing is set at 1.5 to help keep the eyes relaxed for the best read. FALLEN will be available as a paperback or e-reader with plans for audio and other adaptations.

Graphics and Illustrations are important. My drawing skills as a kid did not carry through into my adult life. We are hoping to connect with a super talented and unbelievable artist: Jesse Hansen. It is too soon to get overly excited, but several sample chapters were sent and so fingers are crossed! This guy is a giant and also just a super good human who will help take The Jack Chronicles where it is intended to go.

I feel like the lone comedian on stage in some dank lounge tapping the mic, “Hello, can you hear me?”

Fallen (The Jack Chronicles): Thompson, Darren Michael: 9798803281474: Books


The time has come. The first edition of FALLEN is out on Amazon. This is a limited edition where the second edition and final copy will be published in the coming weeks. However, some have opted to buy the first iteration knowing it will be an original copy with a limited press making it special.

I am happy to say and oh so grateful that it is my dear cousin, Charles DeBerry, collaborating with me as the editor. The chemistry between us and his expert grasp of linguistics through many languages puts FALLEN over the top of literary excellence. Together, the full force of the book comes to life and we are very excited to share it.


You’ve reached Jack. He’s been pacing in a crooked line to invite you into this space for years. A place of experimental thought to experience and practice the art of telling a story. Here are alliterations of purposeful prose with wizards of wonder walking on waves of light from ancient places like gods playing with their creation, and much more, into the science of abstract and unreality.

I am forever in the practice of writing and so appreciate your curiosity as a reader and hope that you find inspiration and adventure in The Jack Chronicles.

log lines:

An ancient God takes human form only to struggle with the taint that haunts humanity. The fate of the world begs him to remember his power, his true self, to save them from the Dark Mother that has come to feast on the temptations of man.

Jack is a character born into a world of chaos. He struggles with the tension that lies just beneath the surface of every conversation. He doesn’t quite fit in and might be considered weak as a hero where his destiny is to save the universe from an insidious dark force that taints the soul of everything, devouring all in war.

The first book of The Jack Chronicles is titled, FALLEN. – [Coming Soon]

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