There will be a…

There will be a time when your personal sense of safety will be challenged. Whether it be a catastrophic natural event or some perverse state of martial law where a military state takes hold, you need a plan designed for hope.

What is your electricity was suddenly shut off or water supply was contaminated? What if you went to the store for supplies only to find it heavily guarded and…

Time Lapse of Green Beetle

imagesCAVT0NAVleaves rain onto molded stump

Earth musk settles in space

war is on the make

tiny militants march from beaten soil

where the queen once lay

rooted with unspoken truths

sky wrought with dark reflections

drops of black honey

tracing every step

stationed near old willow

sent to guard

nectar accumulates

this night would bring storm

devastating debris

relentless home

A churning in the distance

new currents

ripple through dust

an antennae twitches

eight feet stomp

light fosters peace