The Pandemic Years is a collection of writing related to the not-so-great Covid-19 pandemic that brought the world to a halt. Some saw the lockdown as a much-needed break from the hamster-wheel of life. Many were still trying to recover from the financial meltdown just ten years earlier. These things take time and so to have such calamities over a short span of time exasperated everything… zapped the life out of communities across the country, across the world.

You will notice below a listing of latest posts. This is the same material as what’s on the front page but in a different format. This is not what is intended. Most of my writing falls into a few categories meant to align with the pages of this site but I have not figured out how to differentiate the posts so that they only post to the pages of my choosing, rather than everything, regardless of category, posting everywhere.

So, bear with me while I spend a little time to play with this site to see where it goes… thank you, friends.

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