The Jack Chronicles: FALLEN


In a neglected alley consecrated by seasoned drifters, two-bit dealers, and cardboard shanties, a schizophrenic man leaps off the deep end of a mid-life crisis to perish in the throes of his addiction. He met a deity there in the reaper’s eyes as it drew his life-less failed form from beyond death’s veil only to awaken confused, saddened by glimpses of a grief-stricken world. The concept of god is subdued, silenced within the mortal’s addictive tendencies entangled in mental illness. No, his rebirth triggered a fatal binge that spirals into an interdimensional trip where he must face humanity’s insidious darker side and the existential question: Am I God? The destiny of all worlds hangs in the balance of a fractured mind, where an immortal lies powerless, and the Mother of Chaos entices and twists his ego like clay to feed on her desires.

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