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Jack Thought 11/28/2022
There had been other words written that somehow got lost in the consequences of my mind adrift.

Jack Thought 11/11/2022
Strange day for the numbers to count.

Jack Thought 11/3/2022
Coming before too long will be an audio library of every chapter. Each should be listed to the right side of your screen. Stay tuned as we continue to create space for The Jack Chronicles.

Also, look for the adaptation of graphic novels derived from The Jack Chronicles. This should prove to be an exciting project and one that has been in the thought process for a long time.

In other news, there are rumors of a newsletter to keep fans up to date which will be an optional free subscription to demonstrate a fan base. This helps when it comes to promoting the books on Netflix and major publishing arenas. Of course, outside of a series on Netflix or Prime, this may remain an independent venture of self-publishing. Either way, we will figure it out.

Later this month, American Book Awards will consider The Jack Chronicles for an award. Fingers crossed and TBD. There are many other awards and review opportunities being sought but we are still in the clunky phase of getting things organized and set in proper motion. Then back to deep dive for three months on the second book: Awaken (working title). So, with no surprise, write a book, and create a bunch of extra work before stepping back into Jack’s world.

Jack Thought 11/01/2022
The Prologue coincides with the story on the back cover. The black and white was selected because the book examines the duality of a man as he falls through life and into unsuspecting witnesses of the end days – at least as they’ve been known.

Jack Thought 10/20/2022
If you are here reading this from some other dimension, then welcome, and thank you.
The Jack Chronicles is refining its presence as it continues to roll out into the universe. It’s a learning process, this marketing side of writing and publishing a book, but we’ll get there. Mostly, it is a matter of time that is the real issue.

God, I wonder if that sounds right.

These days, I swear, it’s bad enough dealing with all this circuitry! I mean – who woulda thought? Not Earl. The thing with Earl is he’s Jack’s alter ego, his second voice but not his conscience, at least with any prudence, no Earl likes to push the boundaries and would be more adventurous if he could have a say. I don’t know how I live with myself sometimes. I know Mary couldn’t for any real stretch. She saw what she thought to be her shot and was rid of me. I’m lucky to be alive. But as for Earl, he lives on in the subconscious mind and set off to solve the riddles of life.

Thanks, Jack! – introducing an interesting adventure on the waves of some dark and twisted sci-fi. We might be overplaying it, but I swear we will sell enough books to get those meds! Which, by the way, Jack’s book should appeal to readers and moviegoers that might also enjoy Stephen R Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant Series with a little attitude from Guardians of the Galaxy but dark like Insidious, or some other goth horror flick.

As I write this, I feel the earth ripple, a nearly liquid state affecting inanimate objects in unnatural ways. It’s a strange feeling and yet what if I am the only one who felt it? One thing, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about the book when you’ve had a chance to read some. Thank you.

Jack Thought 10/13/2022

The eBook for the newly released book: FALLEN IS NOW available through Amazon! The Jack Chronicles: FALLEN eBook: THOMPSON, DM: Kindle Store


Jack Thought 07-09-2022

Good morning. I don’t know if this will reach anyone out there as much as I am trying to be diligent with my studies to understand proficiently the workings of pushing words. This marketing, as we think about it, can be a distraction. I have to say a word of gratitude. Charles DeBerry is the best editor, writer, actor, and collaborator that anyone could hope to connect with. It is so deeply striking to step back to see from outside of myself how childhood memories could go from drawing late-night superheroes to writing and editing an amazing book of science fiction. He really helped to flesh things out and understands the character’s style, pacing, and depth.

The Jack Chronicles took about 10 years to be written. The story began as a short story titled Aftermath which I wrote back around 1982 in pencil on blank white printer paper. The first book: FALLEN is a retrospective of Aftermath and the beginnings of Jack’s afterlife. FALLEN is 26 chapters spread across 420 pages. The font size is enlarged and line spacing is set at 1.5 to help keep the eyes relaxed for the best read. FALLEN will be available as a paperback or e-reader with plans for audio and other adaptations.

I feel like the lone comedian on stage in some dank lounge tapping the mic, “Hello, can you hear me?”

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You’ve reached Jack. He’s been pacing in a crooked line to invite you into this space for years. A place of experimental thought to experience and practice the art of telling a story. Here are alliterations of purposeful prose with wizards of wonder walking on waves of light from ancient places like gods playing with their creation, and much more, into the science of abstract and unreality.

I am forever in the practice of writing and so appreciate your curiosity as a reader and hope that you find inspiration and adventure in The Jack Chronicles.

log lines:

An ancient God takes human form only to struggle with the taint that haunts humanity. The fate of the world begs him to remember his power, his true self, to save them from the Dark Mother that has come to feast on the temptations of man.

Jack is a character born into a world of chaos. He struggles with the tension that lies just beneath the surface of every conversation. He doesn’t quite fit in and might be considered weak as a hero where his destiny is to save the universe from an insidious dark force that taints the soul of everything, devouring all in war.

The first book of The Jack Chronicles is titled, FALLEN. – [Coming Soon It’s LIVE! 🙂

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