Jack Thought: 10/26/2022

The wind has found its way back today along with a chill snap in the air. Fortunately, most of the garden is bedded down for the winter or soon will be. There is so much going on and I wonder how much is self-induced. I’ve spent the last six months studying toward an MBA while finishing this novel and working the grind on a NASA program. I rarely leave the office and that is difficult on those closest to me. What do you do? Slow down and enjoy it – that’s what you do.

What? How can you slow down when time has become such a commodity? Haven’t you noticed how quickly the days pass by? I don’t know man, if Earl were here, there’d be some sense to make of it. Fast-Slow. Where is the middle? Where is the even ground to step lightly and breathe?

Regarding Jack. FALLEN is about duality. Inspired by the world we are all living in. Some years back, NASA discovered Keplar, a unique planet thought to mimic the same base elements to support human life. I was enthralled and electrified by the possibilities and that spilled over into some fantastical ideas. The Jack Chronicles is an examination of humanity through dual optics influenced by so much of what we have all endured over the past decade from recession to pandemic… and politics. The state of the world is perfectly living up to the imaginings of a crazed scientist bent on total annihilation in order to save the planet, yet, the planet dies. Slowly, perhaps, but the end state is the same. It’s kind of a look at our own mortality and how it is we live our lives.

Duality lies in everything: man-woman, good-bad, light-dark, ying-yang, right-wrong, blue-red, front-back… you get the point. It’s all converging and society has been going through the wringer. The endless debates remind me of Jack’s musings and incessant need to belong, to feel ok while the ground shakes beneath his feet… beneath your feet.

They say that an author should have an author’s website to promote their books and give readers a spot to engage. I’ve had this blog for nearly a decade and so realized Jack Thought Dot Com would be the perfect natural progression to this otherwise hodge-podge of musings. It wasn’t deliberate though – no, this was merely a creative solution in the absence of a long list of what I thought were superior names. Funny, I can’t remember any of them now. Anyway, this is a hand-off, a baton toss to Jack to have a platform and a place for his chronicles to be documented and live beyond his musings.

This is Jack’s editorial debut, his place to talk about his story and the many adventures that brought him fame. My job as the narrator will hopefully not be fraught with cleanup from Jack’s ramblings. We are talking about such things as mental illness and addiction, religion, politics, as well as science fiction and fantasy spun up in many forms to find ourselves in another world with the same needs as what came before: love. In all the darkness, there will be love – a spark that begins with the slightest rub and ignites the mind to aspire to greater things. The Jack Chronicles looks at the blurry lines of fiction and attempts to have a discussion around the various topics that come out in this saga with love always in the loom.

Speaking of rambling… where’s Jack?