Ch 1:       Truth is sometimes meant to be forgotten

CH 2:      “How are you feeling? Do you remember anything?”

CH 3:      This room is sterile

CH 4:      “Why is the door locked? I am not a prisoner.”

CH 5:      Jack slumps onto the single mattress as Ruby locks the door

CH 6:      “Wake up, sir. I need to change you.”

CH 7:      No one looked when the outside world became a train wreck

CH 8:      Mary shoves her phone into her purse; disgusted and frustrated

CH 9:      Jack jerks up from the living room floor

CH 10:    A candle flame flickers on a pool of molten wax

CH 11:    Mold creeps slowly, silently, and unnoticed by most

CH 12:    The Dark Mother’s unrelenting jealousy drives hatred in all things

CH 13:    An orange chiffon pillow is soaked in sweat and saliva

CH 14:    Jack is pacing in circles

CH 15:    “I don’t want to go. What are you doing?”

CH 16:    A desert rave is hidden out beyond the lights of town where the travelers are

CH 17:    Diane sees the shadow of Landor change as she had seen in her dreams

CH 18:    There is comfort in a life lived free from expectations

CH 19:    A pink Caddie floats down an old back road where quaking aspens flicker in the last rays of the setting sun

CH 20:    “Where did Jack go?”

CH 21:    He emerges from a deep sleep like coming up from a dark cave

CH 22:    The others gather those that are hopelessly left behind

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