one year later

I have ignored this sight since nearly the beginning. The story is like a haunting where threads gather in the corners where dust mites eat them alive. Every word is mutilated into something like pig-latin. A secret code that few will understand. Sometimes, I am asked what I write about. How does one categorically place it? How does one pull it from the dark places and into the light of something meaningful for others? who knows and who cares? I would be lying if I said I give two shakes of piss whether or not my writing did anything. Of course, we all want to be above the fray and floating on what we love most; a place where work slides away from a job. This past year has been a busy year. A quick synopsis looks something like this:

  1. working on lots of interesting projects with a great team
  2. 25th anniversary and two weeks in Cartagena, Colombia
  3. writing thousands upon thousands of words
  4. took many local trips in the beautiful Northwest
  5. deep snow has pushed me to work remotely on several occasions
  6. did I mention writing?

As it stands now, I am trying to get my blog straightened out. I have had it for years but never really got it organized properly. I hope it flows better now and the content will bring more people that like my writing. Ideally, I will develop a large readership as I publish chapters of my first book, FALLEN. Of course, I will only put out a limited amount of the book since I do not want to undermine the efforts of getting it published legitimately. (whatever that really means!)

this is another vomit page, basically. An update to cap off a long day of reorganizing this space. thanks!

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