What Divides US

I don’t even know where to begin. It has been a serious whirlwind since the election; too many monumental shifts to list them all. My mind wanders over the various slogans from the campaign, searching for something to lean on; to step back from this precipice of panic that seems to come with every executive order.

“We must drain the swamp!” I can hear the chant but then wonder at its meaning. I assume it is to rid our government of the bottom feeding creatures that corrupt the system with obstruction and bias to afford the elitist class with all the benefit where policies are slanted with shadowy influence and corporate interests.  I am drawn to consider these creatures as representing the elite class where so much of the rhetoric seems always to come back to an idea about income inequality and disparity between the billionaire class and middle america. Like Bernie Sanders, I sought this commitment from Trump because he picked up Bernie’s banner on this issue and championed it through his own campaign. But now as the cabinet takes shape, he is putting together the most powerful and wealthiest ever to be assembled in the executive branch. Just this point alone raises the question about intent and are we to believe that the trickle down good will of the elite really cares? Are they themselves simply a new kind of creature – like a monster that has come into the swamp to dominate?

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