Work In Progress

Indeed. As the title says, it is a work in progress. In this case, this space, this blog (aka, Scriptoria), brain dumps are scheduled to commence, any day now.

We engage with this medium off and on for many years because it is fun; writing happens on its own terms.

..from desktop to the state of Blog (scriptoria), file management is more easily handled. Efficiency does lend more time for word production and twitters of thought. At least they would have us believing in the words as being untainted by their systems. Each letter tortured through a digital chasm of certain obscurity. But, what else?

There is magic in words and audible outcomes of manifested truths – (what does that even mean? I mean, really. Ha!) Anyway, is this conspiracy on the scale of a wide-spread social experiment? At least if it were a comic book, there is beauty in fiction and poetry and all the forms of creative language; a communication of our species.