Slowing Time Again

It has been some years since I have been in this place. That is to say, unemployed, which is a word that carries heavy stigma. Words like lazy, incompetent, uneducated, unworthy, ugly, or even non-conformant rodent with an attitude come to play on the psyche of what we think we are supposed to do. Loser. Luuuser. Loo-loo-loooser! What could I have done differently? What has been learned from this experience that is different from past situations of similar outcomes? What is inherently at the root of ME that marks me as being susceptible to this economic plight; this waltz of a marginal career path that continues to fall short of an executive position where the illusion of grandeur can play out with the best of everything? (I am chuckling in my mind at the words that play out in this thought)

For me, the idea of values is what comes to be measured. Is it all about money? IF so, then I better prepare to move away (again) because I make exceptional money when I make myself geographically available. But this time, I am not interested in shoring up ideals based on a monetary value alone.

This is a test. J