love dump

sometimes I just wanna be

there is so much in this world that wants me to bleed

have I said how much I want you?

the time has past me by and I cannot come clean

even now in the wake of reality

I just wish you would have stayed

there was nothing you could take

nothing you could say

and my skin now aches with chills of just one

alone I am in the dark

sitting here waiting for time to pass

waiting to see my heart heal

I just need one more fix

one more lapse to remind me of who I am

before long I will step off the curb to realize a new path

but sirens in life come from all around

I am alone with these fucking thoughts

love scabs from within and there was but one

another day leaves me to walk the streets where society is forgotten

some righteous and true while some are hidden in shadows to torn to face their truth

is this my plight?

I don’t know how to turn away

I don’t know how to forget

one of us was not meant for this

I feel like I cant walk down the street