Dichotomy of Desire

walking down a path alone

birds faint in the distance

me with broken wings lagging behind

I wonder

who could relate

who could want this

there are other times

lost to memory alone

reminds me of that movie

power surge invades my soul

something is amiss

the energy is wrong

heavy in thoughts

there is no hand to hold

no argument to spar

it is only the stillness

and quiet in between

possession takes hold

space swells with anxiety

like a room filling with water

pushing air

into smaller cubes I crawl

still wondering how

a desperate plea

dying in the visualization

of what should be

the house creaks

eerily waiting

what if circuits don’t return

everything is cast in doubt

waiting in condemnation

legs are heavy and tired

pushing circulation

I can feel it

what is insurance

how can anything be quantified

or qualified to aspire

a value of something more

superficial wealth designed

to carry our ideals

who are you

where have you gotten to

are your eyes still blind to beauty

am I cursed with blissful wonder

how can so much of the world

reside with lists of regret

I want to hold you

in arms of passion

and light that clears

the shadows of my heart

but the world has gone

like Romeo and Juliet