Random You

You are always there
on pages of the day
mixed emoticons
dancing art

remain hidden
been too long
to disappoint

faint Robin blue
meanders the skyline
with tenderness

my tongue is lost with a bajillion thoughts
like a bowl of day-old ramen
collecting the universe

rain will turn someday
but not before I am drenched
and drunk with passion

the moon is for the harvest
as the light of your soul
enlightens my path
hands tremble

the idea of hitting send
stops me with self-affliction
like concrete walls
crumbled plaster

you are my friend
that accepts with kindness
a soul not yours to keep

a petal of blue streaks with white
there is nothing left but the night
knowing it will not last
pacing time

who is it that cares
what would be revealed
when will it be known
where will the heart be
how can one be certain
why does it matter

amazing and pure
this time will heal
whole sky with bright love
and open eyes to see

There is no pace with this
lines are random
as pondering thoughts
in the rough backdrop
of a day gone dark
but a far away glow
as moonlight drapes

an ankle dangles
without a care
or place to be
right here

is it not but anything that could be
Sense is something overcome with beauty
heartbeat does not distinguish
from that which hurts
it loves what it loves
pure throughout

but you are my friend
I will strive to give reason for it
to live with humility and grace
respect and love
no judgment
humor a must

you know?