Subverted Reality

So.. some might consider me to have a slant toward conspiracy.. however, does it seem strange that we would have black helicopters patrolling our domestic skies? Or unmanned and armed drones skimming the sky above Seattle, Portland, and other areas? How about mass-caged trucks that appear to be staged for transporting large numbers of people? What about the procurement of hundreds of thousands of ammunition, MREs, drones, and other supplies – including COFFINS? Why have there been rumors about pill-boxes being staged for deployment in most metro areas? (A pill box is a checkpoint). What about the recent EO that expanded presidential power to include corporate resources, food, power, and other societal essentials? Did you know that our military is conducting training alongside the Russian military on our soil here in the United States? Did you know they are training in places like hospitals, schools, and other domestic urban centers? Did you know they are training for the potential of a mass roundup and a lockdown scenario? Why would any of the above be happening? What does it mean? Where are we in the timeline of what might be coming? Like a thief in the night? Really?

Published by darren thompson

hello invisible people, I have lived well and continue to live well enough. I hope the same for you. Writing during a pandemic with catastrophic wildfires, hurricanes, economic collapse, political strife, and toxic air means one tends to be pretty sedentary. I am reminded of our last trip to Cartagena, Colombia and the gang of sloths hanging out in the trees. Funny, I don't think sloths are ever behind schedule though. The book, FALLEN, is near completion. I know I've said this before, but I am definitely in the final lap with it. Though, I have not settled on the publishing or marketing of it, yet. I am not even sure how I will use this website. Admittedly, I've been writing on this bit for the better part of ten years. My mind has been wrapped around some weird urban sci-fi-fantasy junk. Feels like a twisted premonition of what is happening today. On another creative front, I am setting up a new website called: which I am kind of excited about. These are writings and ramblings and musings of life when I am out of the flow with writer's block. There projects within projects there. Oh, I live in the Columbia River Gorge of the PACIFIC NORTHWEST. My characters are way more interesting. thanks.

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