Subvert Oversion of Conspiracy

So.. some might consider me to have a slant toward conspiracy.. however, does it seem strange that we would have black helicopters patrolling our domestic skies? Or unmanned and armed drones skimming the sky above Seattle, Portland and other areas? How about mass caged trucks that appear to be staged for transporting large numbers of people? What about the procurement of hundreds of thousands of ammunition, MRE’s, drones, and other supplies – including COFFINS? Why have there been rumors about pill-boxes being staged for deployment in most metro areas? (A pill box is a check point). What about the recent EO that expanded presidential power to include corporations resources, food, power, and other societal essentials? Did you know that our military is conducting training alongside Russian military on our soil here in the United States? Did you know they are training in places like hospitals, schools, and other domestic urban centers? Did you know they are training for the potential of a mass-roundup and a lock down scenario? Why would any of the above be happening? What does it mean? Where are we in the timeline of what might be coming? Like a thief in the night? Really?