Subvert Oversion of Conspiracy

So.. some might consider me to have a slant toward conspiracy.. however, does it seem strange that we would have black helicopters patrolling our domestic skies? Or unmanned and armed drones skimming the sky above Seattle, Portland and other areas? How about mass caged trucks that appear to be staged for transporting large numbers of people? What about the procurement of hundreds of thousands of ammunition, MRE’s, drones, and other supplies – including COFFINS? Why have there been rumors about pill-boxes being staged for deployment in most metro areas? (A pill box is a check point). What about the recent EO that expanded presidential power to include corporations resources, food, power, and other societal essentials? Did you know that our military is conducting training alongside Russian military on our soil here in the United States? Did you know they are training in places like hospitals, schools, and other domestic urban centers? Did you know they are training for the potential of a mass-roundup and a lock down scenario? Why would any of the above be happening? What does it mean? Where are we in the timeline of what might be coming? Like a thief in the night? Really?

A Vomit Page

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can’t sleep and back is killing me.. damn air mattress on the floor syndrome.. wondering how long we can keep the facade..

the moon rose in a way that only can be described as once in a life time.. no words can describe what everyone already knows and understands for their own significance where none is more than another.

the lady lies sleeping, awake in her dreams where she has mastered peace someplace beyond the touches of this reality. She stirs lightly but continues to drift.

a fishtale does trail in thought as the river winds through a lazy morning.. nature seems more powerful these days.. to be revered more earnestly.

then the painter captures the light and being that she is a painter begins to analyze each stroke of sun as it shoots from the gaps in her minds grip where she keeps it there long enough to coax the essense of it to her canvas

I am not but a messed up remnant of a man who has tried to forge my own path in life with what I have, while life has leaned in with beaurocracy to define how my path should be..problem is, beaurocracy has often required much more than I actually have..

My children are beautiful and I worry for them and their friends daily.

If then there were yet another eye looking down at my miserable life, what would be told from that perspective? What if it were so that this life was to be answered for? What could the consequences be other than death, which is a natural cycle of life anyway? Or are we simply to believe it natural because that is what we have been told?

The buttersquash was delicious and made my cheeks pucker from the inside with the spices that were used. Of course, there is no such thing anymore as buttersquash, but it is nice to remember.

Conspiracies are only as concerning as we tend to believe. What’s more is when too many people come to believe and then people begin to act out of fear and the mob begins to act like a mob. At that point, did we ever figure out what was valid about the conspiracy in the first place? Or does the basic belief in something all that matters without tangible proof? Apparently so – case and point – religion.