An American Scrounge

The great resume spin has begun. It is a crap shot. Targeting an industry for employment is like trying to figure out when and where the next terrorist strike will land. I suppose that worry will be alleviated with the next election. Perhaps a broken economy is exactly the sort of subversive tactics that have been manipulated since Hiroshima, leaving the American Dream vulnerable and dangling like a used string of dental floss. I know that is a stretch of a comment, but such thoughts surface when the need to pay bills become threatened and any viable solutions are a long ways off. A job a McDonalds or Wal-Mart do not count as it would take three of those job to just scratch the cost of living with a tiny air tube. I will try not to let a cynical view overshadow creative perspectives and get my head all topsy-turvy from a lofty soapbox. Thanks! ~D